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Please take the time to complete our surveys. All information received will be strictly private & confidential, information will be analized and the only information released will be the statistics gathered from the information collected. Please use real names and be truthful with information shared through this survey. We need to gather reliable statistics that can and will be used to send to media which I hope will then help them to see how many of us parents have had children removed for what can only be seen as Punishment Without Crime. The statistics gathered from these survey's will also be handed in to Downing St during the S.C.O.T.UK One Voice for the Kids protest between 19th - 26th July 2014 Please don't forget to click Finished after completing the surveys or it won't register the information. Visit S.C.O.T.UK - Survey's and Statistics group on Facebook on a regular basis.All statistics gathered from our survey's will be published on the Statistics Page of this website and also in our groups on Facebook. Thank you

SURVEY 1;- Case History Details

SURVEY 2;- Family/County Courts

SURVEY 3;- Family Court Judges      

SURVEY 4;- Babies Stolen at Birth    

SURVEY 5;- Injuries to Children Whilst in Foster Care 

SURVEY 6;- Social Workers Details

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