Hello, my name is S@@@@ and I'm sixteen years old. I don't have children who have been taken, but I have a story I would like to share with you. When I was younger things used to happen to me at home, but nobody else knew about it except for him. Even my mum didn't know what happened when no one was watching. I thought it was my fault, that it happened because I was bad but I didn't know how to make it stop. I felt and still feel dirty.

Social services found out when I was fourteen and took me into care. They wouldn't let me see my mum, they made me think she was angry with me when she wasn't. The police told me I should give an interview, but I didn't want to. They said it was my choice but reminded me that, "You have no family now and nowhere to go. We won't let you go unless you do what you're told." A social worker picked me up and took me to a house that appeared normal on the outside, but it was really a police interview house for young 'victims'. Her and the police lady said I couldn't leave until I gave an interview, I was trapped. They had already asked me all the questions over and over again, I was so afraid and so tired, so alone. They treated me the same as they would a criminal (I know from speaking to offenders through programmes they ran at school), except they didn't make me take off my shoes. it wouldn't have mattered if I had hung myself with my shoelaces, I guess.They had told me I could go home after the interview, but they lied, they wouldn't let me. They told me that I was in foster care because my mum had said that she didn't love me and didn't want me, but that wasn't true. She was fighting for me like you are fighting now. But they were the police and social services, we had learned at school that they were honest, that whatever they said we could trust and believe them. I was so alone.

I don't understand why they call it 'care'. My foster carer complained if I was in the house and about the cost of washing my clothes. I wore the same dirty shirt to school all week without washing it. She turned the water off if I tried to have a shower. I had thought that it wouldn't be possible to feel any more dirty than I had when things happened at home, but I was wrong. Social services wouldn't let me see my family, I was allowed supervised contact with my mum, brother and one of my sisters for one hour maximum per week. They told my mum that I had said I hated her and didn't want to see her, but I spent every meeting with my social worker begging her to let me go home and live with my mum. I thought they were keeping me away from my family because of what happened at home. I thought it proved that it was my fault, that I was evil and made of dirt and wasn't even good enough for death.

I kept telling them that the court case was pointless, there was no evidence. But they said the jury would love an articulate 'middle class' white girl. I was a number on a piece of paper, a conviction in a courtroom, a box to be ticked. Throughout the whole thing, it felt like my trial, not his. The police hounded me for information, but I had nothing more I could give them. They told me I wasn't allowed to say a single word to another human being about absolutely anything in the months running up to the trial. I lived in a world of silence, too terrified to break their rules. When it got to the trial, the judge called it off after twenty minutes. He said it wasn't in my best interests, he was the only one to see me as what I was: a young girl with feelings.

Slowly, I developed anorexia, which is a complex mental illness that results in the sufferer feeling that they mustn't eat because they are evil, dirty and don't deserve food. I was allowed to go home when I nearly died from heart failure. Death doesn't look good on the records.

My experience has changed my life forever. I have to live with anorexia, and I am constantly paranoid. I think people are checking up on me, I trust no one. I struggle to make friends because I think I will be taken away from my family if I speak to other people. I have no freedom, I am so afraid of them coming back into my life. But I'm home now, and I know in my heart that my family love me.

I have a balloon message for the children who are still lost, both the ones lost in care and the ones like me who have escaped the system but are still trapped by what happened. "When the world feels cold, find the love from your parents which reaches your heart even if you can't hold it, love passes through time and space and lies. No matter how dark the night may seem, we never doubt that the sun will rise again in the morning. There is always hope" love S@@@@@@ xxx

Stolen Children of the UK

Dylan-Rhys Jenkins

Stolen by Vale of Glamorgan Social Services

Dylan-Rhys Jenkins D.O.B 08/12/2002 Stolen at birth within 15 minutes of being born. Risk of Emotional Harm. He was forcefully adopted in 2005

Ryan Paul & Decon Lewis Jenkins

 Stolen by Cardiff Social Services

Ryan Paul Jenkins & Decon Lewis Jenkins - Ryan was Stolen by Cardiff Social Services in Novenber 2010. Decon was Stolen by Cardiff Social Services at birth in August 2011. Reason for removal was Risk of Emotional Harm. Whilst in Foster Care Decon at the age of 6 months old was admitted to hospital for 4 days with unexplained bruising to his leg. His injuries were never fully investigated by South Wales Police and Social Services conspired with Police and investigation dropped. To this day we still have not received any satisfactory explaination off South Wales Police or Cardiff Social Services

Anon V Jenkins

Anon V Jenkins is the brother of Ryan and Decon above. Anon was born on 28th January 2013, his birth was a natural home birth. Paramedic and midwife arrived after birth and both happy with mums and Anon's health so no need to attend hospital. Then midwife found out through medical records that we had 2 children already in care. Midwife then changed her mind and was demanding that mother and baby had to go into hospital. Mother refused so midwife phoned Police. Police arrived but we then refused to open door, mother just wanted to bond and rest with her baby. More and more Police turned up and turned this situation into a armed seige. There was no actual concern to any immediate harm coming to the child from the parents has reason for wanting to take baby and reason for other children being in care is Risk of Emotional Harm. Anyway to cut a long story short, within hours of Anon's birth the front door of the flat was smashed in by Armed Police Officers of South Wales Police. Mother and baby were forced under gunpoint into the ambulance and taken to hospital. There was no medical reason why mother or baby were forced into hospital. Within days Social Services had an Interim Care Order (ICO) from the secret family courts.


Stolen by Merthyr Tydfil Social Services

Princess Angelica-Hope Tia Leon Jones D.o.b. 10/06/2011. Stolen 4th April 2012

Stolen by Tamebridge House Social Services, Perry Barr, Birmingham

Daliyah-Jae Philomena Cowley D.o.b. 16/09/2011 Stolen from Mothers arms within 3 days of birth.

McKenzie-Josiah Isaac Orites Cowley D.o.b. 16/04/2010, He has a teardrop in his right eye. Stolen 3 within 3 days of Birth

Stolen By Derbyshire Social Services

Carly Jade Atkinson D.o.b. 09/08/2008                             Kaycee Leigh Atkinson D.o.b. 18/08/2009. Stolen 21/12/2011, Forcefully Adopted 4th January 2013


Kacey Marie Cook d.o.b. 15/10/09 Stolen by Derbyshire Social Services in 2011 and Forcefully Adopted in 2012

Kiera Abigail Thompson

Stolen by Ipswich Social Services

Kiera Abigail Thompson Born August 2006 Stolen in March 2007 by Ipswich Social Services Photo also at 5 yr old. Risk of Future Emotional Neglect.

Rachel, Thomas, Demi, Tegan and Max Bevan

Stolen by Westhoughton and Salford Social Services


Rachel Bevan- D.O.B 06/09/99  Thomas Bevan and Max Bevan D.O.B 19/09/2009 Stolen by Westhoughton Social Services.   

Demi Bevan- D.O.B 03/01/2012 and Tegan Bevan D.O.B 22/01/2012 Stolen by Salford Social Services.     


Stolen by Bilston Police on Bournemouth Social Services Command

Amber Dawn Marie Pritchard, Abigail Zara Louise Pritchard & Toby Anthony Christopher Pritchard


Amber Dawn Marie Pritchard 04/03/98, Abigail Zara Louise Pritchard 20/01/97 & Toby Anthony Christopher Pritchard 01/09/07 Stolen by Bilston Police on 15/09/2011 on the orders of Bournemouth Social Services.

Stolen by Blackpool Social Services

Antonio William Walker



Antonio William Walker dob 1/11/11- he was stolen on the 2nd of Nov 2011 Blackpool Social Services


Stolen by Edinburgh North Child and Families Department

Brandon Gearie 13/01/2000 Stolen by Edinburgh North Child and Families Department in 2009



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Stolen Children of the UK