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 Comments, of the parents who have/are suffered/suffering at the hands of the Child Protection Services. Social Services. All comments and post used on here have been used with the authors permission. The authors of the comments below will be Anonymous for privacy reasons

A Mother's Words..........

"My daughter Olivia-Rose ****** born 23rd october 2010 I was doing great yeah I never had the best up bringing but I tried my very best for my little girl she's my world then social services said I weren't doing a great job just cause I found out she had clicky hips as she was breech and I had to have a c-section I was 17 when I had my daughter the social services said I am too young to be a mum yet there's 14year olds having children and keeping there babeys I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend since 12th june 2012 and he's been a great support and wants my daughter with us as her father doesn't want anythink to do with her as he cares about drugs and his mates than his own flesh and blood but my bf has been more of a father that her real father but its like that saying that every1 nows and my daughter was nine months old when they took her of me well I got put in a mother and babey placement far away from home and I did my best but they thrown me out and wouldn't let me take my little girl with me and found out that was there plan all along but if I never went to the placement she would of got took of me when she went to hospital to have her cast on to help her clicky hips I got trapped and the judge was considering giving me my daughter back until the social services got the adoptive parents to write a letter to the judge to hurry it along so they can change my daughters name xx"



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