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Welcome and thank you for visiting S.C.O.T. UK which stands for Stolen Children of the UK. Yes you did read it correctly. Currently in the UK there are over 100,000 children in the UK care system. A very high percentage of this figure have been Stolen from their parents for reasons such as Risk of Emotional Harm and also Risk of Future Emotional Harm. None of these children have actually had any harm committed to them by any of their parents, however they are still forcefully Stolen from their natural birth parents by the state.These children have then been known to be placed into abusive foster homes and also been placed with convicted paedophiles.

Children are stolen from parents by Social Workers using Police force while the children are terrorfied and traumatized by these so called Child Protecters. Children are dragged screaming from their parents arms, grabbing on to mothers and fathers for dear life, crying, screaming for their parents to help them. Dragged from their loving homes at all hours day and night, dragged from their beds early hours of the morning. This happens without any court orders in force and within days the parents are served summones sometimes days later to appear in the Secret Family Courts of the UK.

In the Secret Courts of the UK parents are left in waiting rooms at these courts while the hearing takes place without parents even being in the court room but instead informed by their legal representatives that the Judge has granted the application of the local authorities for an Interim Care Order on the Child/Children.

They do all this under the guise In the Best Interest of the Child. Dragging a child screaming and kicking from their parents arms and from their beds and homes cannot be seen or is In the Best Interest of the Child. Especially when the reason for removal being for Risk of Emotional Harm or Risk of Future Emotional Harm.

New born babies are Stolen from mothers arms and even from the breast within minutes of that child being born and handed to complete strangers. All this takes place in the name of Profit, yes Profit as babies and children are big business for Social Services, Foster Agencies, and Adoption Agencies.

Majority of these Stolen Children (Especially Babies) under the age of 5 are forcefully adopted against the wishes of the parents and immediate family of the child/children. If not forcefully adopted they are moved from pillar to post between numerous foster homes throughout their time whilst in the care of the local authorities.


The penny is at last beginning to drop. The reports of Social Services departments failures throughout the UK is slowly getting noticed on how badly run they are.Ofsted have/are continuously failing Social Services departments throughout the UK. Many professionals have been fully aware of the failures for years yet nothing has ever changed but instead got worse placing more and more children at RISK of Abuse.

Children are being deliberately failed by the so called professionals that are employed and payed to protect these children. Approximately 1,000+ children a month are being STOLEN from innocent parents using documented lies and fabrication in Secret Family Courts around the UK and the children then placed with complete strangers including convicted Paedophiles.

The current care system in the UK has now reached an all time high with over 100,000+ children currently in care. Thousands of these children are going missing from care every year including babies, thousands more are being abused by the state, whether it be Emotional, Mental, Physical and even Sexual Abuse, whilst 1000's more are being STOLEN from innocent parents.

Children like Victoria Climbe, Baby P and thousands more are left in abusive situations, when Social Services know fully well they are at RISK and are actually being HARMED, but deliberately fail to act and protect these children which then results in their horrific deaths for these children. Social Services then use these children's death's to justify the STEALING of thousands more children into care, children that have never been harmed/neglected by their parents which within itself is nothing more than Child Abuse.

How is it that child protection has transformed itself to social control and a business of billions of pounds?


British people are becoming skeptical over the UK Child Protection practices and the expanding Foster Home Industry.

In the UK ,there are over 100 000 children, who are not allowed to live in their homes with their own families. Many  reasons and methods, when children are taken to protective care and away from their families, have become a serious problem in the UK as in other European countries. Parents in the UK are very often deemed to be unsuitable for their children (single parents, poor parents, immigrants etc.) and children with some challenges, diagnosis, or disabilities, or who have learning difficulties, are often targeted by the social workers.

The law gives the social authorities the power to forcibly remove children from their parents, and to make this possible, the law grants the social workers more authority in the UK  than it grants to a police officers. The social workers are able to place the children in foster homes and institutions, and often the children are subjected to serious neglect. An increasing problem is, that the foster families often alienate the children from their biological families.

The Child Welfare Act, for instance, obligates the police to report to the social authorities, if they find out, that the parents are quarreling in their home and they have children. The mothers are afraid to go to the medical center, because the doctor may report to the social workers if the mother is tired or depressed. The teachers are obliged to report their ”worries” concerning the pupils. The UK welfare system has become a system of increasing and tightening control of the citizens personal lives.

The law was targeted to protect children, who’s health or development is seriously endangered, but very often it is used arbitrarily. The Administrative Family Courts seldom make decisions contrary to the decisions of the social workers to take the children into care and place them in foster homes.

 The high number of children being removed from their parents has opened up a market for Child Care Business. Large sums of money are being paid to the foster families and private foster institutions, while the children and their parents are invariably traumatized.


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There are three steps to the destruction of a childs life by Social Services and that is to Steal, Abuse, and Dump.

This can only be seen as and is clearly a Deliberate Destruction of a Family Life in the UK by Social Services and the Secret Family Courts.

The Child Protection System and Secret Family Courts in the UK are clouded by secrecy, corruption, greed and profit. This is clearly not in the Best Interest of the Child/Children.

The secrecy in which our family courts operate is one of the disturbing aspects of many of the cases of recent years relating to the supposed "epidemic" of child abuse. These courts have the widest powers, including sending children for adoption, when a parent has not been convicted or even charged with any mistreatment. In theory, shrouding the workings of family courts in secrecy is supposed to protect the child's rights, but in practice it shields experts and social workers from proper public scrutiny.

Moreover, the notion of children's rights creates an assumption - false in all but the most extreme cases of bad or abusive parenting - that children have interests that are somehow distinct from those of their parents. That assumption allows the state to interpose itself at will between a child and its parents, almost to act as a mediator between two opposing parties.

This assumption is questionable in itself, but the consequences become grotesque when, as is frequently the case, social services reveal themselves to be adversarial towards the parents or simply incompetent. Those of you who have failed to secure the most simple service from your local authority - such as getting a pothole repaired or a recycling bin delivered - can only imagine the horror of us parents who find their local authority is seemingly empowered to decide whether we should keep our own child/ren.


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